Commercial Solar Redding CA

Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar Redding CA
Solar Solutions offers businesses the ability to become more self-sufficient with lower utility bills. As a fully integrated commercial solar service, we handle everything from design to financing to installation. We support all your needs for commercial solar in Redding, CA and the surrounding communities.

What are the advantages of commercial solar?

  • Advertise your company’s green choices
  • Reduce operational costs by reducing or *eliminating utility bills
  • Financing stays consistent, even while the average utility bills increase by 6% each year

Why Solar Solutions for your Commercial Solar in Redding, CA?

Assessment: We start by coming to you. We review the size of your facility and usage habits. Our professionals evaluate the past twelve months of your utility statements. With this information we calculate the amount of solar you required for your operations.

Personalized Design: As a full-service commercial solar business, we design and install unique solar power systems specific to your company’s requirements. There is nothing cookie-cutter about the service we provide. We design a system with the right number of panels based on your usage, space, and budget. Design options include rooftop solar, carport installation, and ground-mounted panels. Our team customizes the best design to maximize the production of your system’s energy.

Financing: Once the specific size of your solar power system is appraised, we work with you to find the best financing option. In most cases you will not pay more in monthly finance payments than you did for past utility bills; in many cases companies pay even less.

Experienced Installation: Using the most trusted materials and sophisticated equipment, our experienced installers expertly connect your system to the grid. We do this quickly and efficiently to minimize disruption to your business.

Monitoring: Our commercial solar is installed with the MyEnlighten monitoring program, you can see how much solar power you are generating at any time. Our friendly technicians train you on all the monitoring system’s features. While our solar power systems rarely need maintenance, if there is a problem MyEnlighten reports the error.

Support: Our solar power systems are guaranteed. If there is a problem, we quickly respond to repair it.

Warranties: All our commercial solar systems come with a a 5-year roof/roof leak prevention warranty, 10-year workmanship warranty, and a 25-year equipment warranty.

Commercial Solar Redding CA

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*Meter fees still apply