Solar Panels Redding CA

Solar Panels

Solar Panels Redding CA
Solar panels deliver a uniquely clean, renewable source of energy. Solar Solutions offers solar panels in Redding, CA that are customized to meet your individual needs. We carry many different brands of solar panels to best meet you and your family’s needs.

What’s different about us?

Solar Solutions is a local company. As a part of the Redding community, we care about our customers. We begin each consultation by inquiring about you and your energy usage. Before we design your solar power system, we ask to see the last year’s worth of your utility bills so we can calculate your average usage during each season.

Our solar system design and our financing go hand-in-hand. The size of your system will meet your requirements (with room for a little extra usage, just in case) while also meeting your budget. Most of our customers pay less for their monthly financing than they have paid for their average utility bills.

Solar Solutions offers warranties you can count on: a 5-year roof/roof leak prevention warranty, 10-year workmanship warranty, and a 25-year equipment warranty! So rest assured, you’re covered! On the rare occasion there is a problem with your solar panels or any part of the system, you can rely on us for support. We respond quickly to repair or replace any faulty components. We even repair systems that are not our own.

What are the benefits of solar panels in Redding, CA?

  • Go Green: Most people know solar panels offer renewable energy that leaves no pollution behind. You greatly decrease your carbon footprint when you use solar power. Now that is something to feel good about!
  • Tax Credits: Offset the cost of installing solar power with IRS tax credits.
  • Savings: With us you won’t need to pay more than you already are for energy, and once your system is paid for, you are *done paying anything for electricity!
  • Monitor From Home: Our state-of-the-art monitoring system reports how much energy your solar panels are generating. It also performs maintenance checks which alert us should anything go wrong with the system. Our friendly technicians are happy to help you register for the the program and even teach you how to navigate it.

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*Meter fees still apply