• Eliminate Your Electric Bill
  • Raise Your Home Value
  • Huge Tax Benefits Available

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“​The​ benefits you receive from going solar are undeniable. You ​ save money, help the environment and can become independent of electricity & utility companies. There's never been a better time to  consider solar for your home or business!"

Paul Jacobs

​Paul Jacobs / Owner, Solar Solutions

Why Choose ​Redding Solar Solutions?

​We're Local

​​Solar Solutions is a local business, so you can feel good knowing your money stays in the local economy. We are part of the Redding community and we care about our neighbors. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach to solar, we work with individual families and businesses to customize a solar energy system that is right for your usage and your budget.

​​​Personalized Approach

​​​Our personalized approach delivers solar energy that fits your budget.

Custom Solar Design: We start by listening to you and what your energy consumption needs are. From there, we take a look at your utility statements for the last year. This way we get to know how much energy you use at any given time as well as what your accustomed to paying. Then, we design a system that fits your usage and budget.

​Our Solar ​​Guarantee

Support: Every installation comes with a program called MyEnlighten. This program enables you to directly monitor your power system and its output. It also notifies us if anything is not working quite right. We install, bookmark, and walk you through the program to make sure you feel comfortable using it.

Warranties: Solar Solutions offers a 5-year roof/roof leak prevention warranty,  a 10-year workmanship warranty, and a 25-year equipment warranty! So breath easy, you’re covered!

Why pay for a larger solar power system than you need? Let us help you build you the perfect fit for your requirements and your budget.

Contact us today as your solution to solar in Redding, CA!

​Solar Services

Solar Repair Redding CA


​The right solution for you and your unique needs.

Solar Panels Redding CA

​​residential solar systems

​Individualized residential solar system for your home.

Commercial Solar Redding CA

​​commercial solar systems

​The right solar system for your business!

Solar Systems Redding CA

​solar panels

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Main Benefits of ​Solar

​There's never been a better time to install a Solar System. 

​Why go solar? A better question might be: why shouldn’t you go solar? With so many great benefits, there’s no better time than the present to consider solar for your home or business.


​Immediate Savings

Solar rebates and incentives from the state and federal governments bring down the cost of installing solar panels — making it more affordable for everyone.


​Monthly and Annual Savings

​Installing solar panels will lower your monthly bill immediately saving you hundreds to thousands of dollars each year. Plus, our durable products are backed by competitive warranties​ which guarantee solar savings for decades to come.


​Increase in Home Value

​​Often, the added value to your home offsets the original cost of installation. That’s not all! Solar has no effect on property tax, and your solar home is more likely to sell quickly on the market.


​A Safe Investment

​Most solar systems in ​Northern California yield a 10-15% return on investment. And with interest rates so low for CDs, stocks and bonds, you would be hard pressed to find a financial investment that is better than investing in solar panels.

 ​Betsy Erickson

 ​Redding, California

​Redding Solar Solutions did an OUTSTANDING job. Not only were they amazing to work with, very professional and prompt. But they went out of their way to make it an easy process. They also exceeded our expectations with how quickly the system was installed and ready to use. WE LOVE having Solar, and I'm SO glad we went with Redding Solar Solutions.

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Serving: Anderson, Bella Vista, Cottonwood, Igo, Manton, Millville, Oak Run, Palo Cedro, Paynes Creek, Red Bluff, Redding, Shasta, Shasta Lake, Shingletown, Whiskeytown, Whitmore & the surrounding areas.

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